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3 Steps to Daily Joy & Gratitude

3 Steps to Daily Joy & Gratitude

In life, I don’t think there is anyone who aspires to live in despair, right? On the contrary, we all seek to live in a constant state of joy and contentment. That isn’t always as easy as the trending guru says it is, though.

As a constant seeker of the best forms of maintaining a positive outlook, when I came upon this simple task I could do just five minutes before heading to bed and which would help keep my joy-meter elevated past the realms of melancholy, I thought it was too good to be true.

It consisted of getting a jar—or, in my case, a bright, yellow planter—and taking just five minutes—I do it just before heading to bed—to write down at least one thing that made you happy or which you were grateful for that day.

In the beginning, it may be hard to accomplish, especially if we over-think every aspect of the task. The point is to let if free-flow without placing to many rules for what you are supposed to jot down.

Writing down the simplest events that happened that day, such as enjoying a warm mug of tea as I read my favorite book, or taking an early morning walk before the noise of the city awoke for the day, after getting into a groove, the task not only took me less than five minutes, but I was writing more than the one I was expected to write.

Over time, as I wrote each event down, I noticed I looked forward to these moments of reflection. Now that I am reading them back, they actually add to the joy of the day as I remember that event from the past.

Here are the three easy steps to elevate your joy-meter each day.

3 Steps to Daily Joy

1 – Get an Empty Jar

This can be something that brings you joy in itself. Something you have laying around the house, or something you buy especially for this. I chose a bright, yellow planter I bought for my pending balcony make-over. The brightness of it—yellow is my favorite color—makes me happy, too

2 – Get a Scrap Piece of Paper

Get any left-over pieces of paper or scraps you have around the office. If you want to buy a special notebook, remember you’ll be tearing them to place in the jar

3 – Write Down One Thing That Made You Smile That Day

Take a few minutes before heading to bed, as I do, and write down one single event/moment that made you smile. Something that gave you a slight uplift in your emotional state. This can also be done early in the morning thinking of the previous day. Take your piece of paper with your jotted moment, fold it in half and write the date. Now, place it in the jar.

After the year is up, you can start reading back your notes and smile as you remember the many moments that actually existed to bring you joy.

... smile as you remember the many moments that actually existed to bring you joy.

So, the next time you feel in a funk, get yourself an empty jar or container of your choice, and start writing down one single event that you are grateful for in that moment. Continue each day and sooner than you can imagine, you’ll notice the gloom lift away.

Let’s start now, what is one simple thing you’ve done up til now, whatever time of day, that brought even the slightest smile to your face? Please, let me know in the comments. Also, share a picture of your jar if you are called to do so.

With much love and gratitude,

Your Right to Choose Joy

Your Right to Choose Joy

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