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A Vacation Every Day—A Joyful Moment Equals A Happier Life

A Vacation Every Day—A Joyful Moment Equals A Happier Life

It’s the first of November and I am glad this October heat is at an end. Yes, we’re a month into the Autumn season, but this hot weather had me thinking of summer vacations and getaways.
Can we just speed through the next six months and have it be vacation time again? Or, can we make it vacation time every day?

What if we felt like we were on vacation every day, if we changed our mindset in our daily lives to have the sensation of being on vacation when we choose, even while we still went to work, slept in our bed, and stayed in our own city?

Going on vacation is a form of release. A release from our daily lives, our to-do’s, our 9-5. We yearn for the last day of work, 5pm on the dot—VACATION MODE ON!

Could this mindset shift make us happier, more efficient people in our day to day, having a little piece of vacation moment by moment?

As I think of what I like about being on vacation—aside from getting to know new places—it’s the relaxation, the release of worry of everything in our day to day. So, what if we took a moment, every day, to liberate ourselves of exactly that?

Get our favorite drink at our favorite bar, forget about our to-do’s, just enjoying that present moment. Done. A little mental vacation.

Take a break from our work day and head to our favorite park—um, BALBOA PARK!—enjoy our lunch there, watch the people go by, and imagine us being one of them. Done. Another small mental vacation.

I truly feel that with a moment like this every day, as short or long as we can make it, the joy we feel in that release of all our worries, even if for an instant, will lead to us living a much happier life.

… the joy we feel in the release of our worries, will lead to us living a much happier life.

And hey, for those 9-5-ers out there, more efficiency at work—that’s always a plus for the boss, right?!

So, what is one way you can take a vacation today? What are you doing, where are you, what are you eating/drinking/experiencing? How are you feeling? Please share in the comment below.

My vacation moment today? I’d take a stroll through my neighborhood, enjoy lunch at my favorite spot as I watch people pass by, then stroll to my favorite shop and imagine I’m buying myself the perfect souvenir of my daily vacation!

With much love and gratitude,

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