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Letting Go and Letting In

Letting Go and Letting In

It’s easy. Living in the now and having faith that the desires you have will come to pass in their perfect timing. Right?

Release. Let Go. Breath. Pure Joy. Have Fun.

All ways I’ve learned to be in the moment, letting go of the overwhelm, the frustration, focusing just in this exact instant in time and in it simply being content.

Letting go of trying to calm the mind, getting every detail of our life perfectly settled so we can be at peace.

I’ve found that it’s in the letting go of that control that the true peace comes. Having the faith that as soon as you release, let go, breath, pure joy will wash over you and the fun will commence.

How often do we dream and plan and want to act on goals we’ve set for ourselves without even knowing what the next step to take is? We strive to make that dream a reality filled with stress and yearning for it to manifest NOW, yet we don’t feel the pleasure of the dream in the present.

We need to nurture that desire. Let it sink in to our deepest being. Feel it, live it in the present moment. Fill it with colors, smells, sounds, touch it and let it fill us completely.

Let us let go of the trying to make it happen and just let it happen. Being in pure joyful presence of it this very second where all is perfectly well, and moment by moment, second by second, that desire begins to manifest piece by piece, just by letting it go and letting it be.

With much love and gratitude,

A Vacation Every Day—A Joyful Moment Equals A Happier Life

A Vacation Every Day—A Joyful Moment Equals A Happier Life

Release and Let Flow—Alignment Before Action

Release and Let Flow—Alignment Before Action