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Following Your Creative Path Will Lead to Happiness

Following Your Creative Path Will Lead to Happiness

To be creative, that’s all I’ve ever wanted to Be. Not a doctor, not a secretary, not a designer, per-se, but just to be creative and offer my all, what I know, who I am, wherever I am.

I’ve shared my story of leaving a permanent, full-time position as a designer before. I’ve also shared parts of the story of building out my invitation design business—reasons for leaving that full-time job—but what these stories have in common is, due to my self-imposed introvert nature, a lot of time being alone in my home studio. Two and a half years, to be exact.

While I worked from coffee shops every once in a while, the loneliness of working on my own was wearing on me. I knew I had to step out of my cocoon and surround myself with other creative people.

Sometime during those two years, an opportunity to ‘intern’ at a lovely shop in Little Italy came up. I was ready, I thought. My invitation business was waning, I had the time flexibility to be there when I was needed, and while I did need the monies back then, I figured I’d start with baby steps getting out into the ‘real’ world as an intern.

After a short email correspondence, I beat the owner of the shop in saying, "you’re on board" and emailed an "I’m sorry, but I can’t". I just wasn’t ready—it wasn’t my time. I’d have to hassle with transportation and parking, I told myself; I just put up too many excuses.

Another year passed with me working alone and this time many bouts of melancholy and sadness—no, Depression—had set in. During my personal spiritual growth, I’ve found ways of getting through it, but this time I felt I needed to really step out. Enough alone-time.

To my delightful surprise, this same little shop opened a new location just two blocks from my home and was looking, yet again, for a creative intern. My money situation was different, so I really just wanted to do it for the fun. Without much hesitation, I emailed back, "hi, remember me?!".

Many fun events were planned for this little shop during that time, so I understood the stretch of time between email replies. I was patient. A few months passed before my husband ‘made me’ attend an event being hosted by them, and this is where I had the opportunity to chat with the owner, Elexia.

So many things happened that day that I just know were pieces of a puzzle being presented and placed just were they needed to be. While we didn’t chat too long that day, I just felt there was a certain connection between us.

A few more weeks passed before I received further emails from Elexia, this time offering the opportunity for a paid position. Plus, she was opening up a new shop, ready for this, just a THREE MINUTE walk from my front door—just across the street from my home!!

We scheduled a time to chat—not an interview, I told myself—and during my meditations leading up to this appointment I would visualize this meeting. I would run in my mind what I would say, and what I would want to hear from her. The tea date went wonderfully! Before I had an opportunity to offer what I could provide as a team member, she expressed her desire for someone with just my qualifications! Plus, the weekends I so cherish, off. Of course, I said "YES!".

I started working with Elexia early July. I’ve helped her behind and in front of the shop scene with many fun projects, including the planning of North Park’s first ever Day of the Dead Festival. More than a boss—which she does not enjoy we call her—she is a friend who is more than willing to help each of us out in any creative way she knows and cans.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people, artists and designers I’ve been inspired by to continue on my own creative path.

So, while this may have taken some time in the making, I am certain that it was truly meant to be. Many fun projects and adventures to come and I’m excited to share them all with you via my new creative blog.

In the coming months, I’ll be sharing a few workshops I’ll be leading at the Artelexia shop which I’m so excited about. Water coloring and lettering on the way!

My website is getting it’s finishing touches, just dotting my I’s to be able to share all the creative projects I’m working on and will continue to share while I explore my creative curiosity.

As this is the last post for the year, I’ll take this time to wish you all a very festive holiday season. May this year close with your hearts full of joy, in preparation for next year being full of abundance and CREATIVITY!

... in us stepping away from what we know, from that zone of comfort, we open doors to wonderful possibilities.

Remember, it’s in us stepping away from what we know, from that zone of comfort, that we open doors to wonderful possibilities.

With much love and gratitude,

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