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Your Right to Choose Joy

Your Right to Choose Joy

The other morning, I woke up with a worry—an uncertainty. It’s not surprising being the last thing on my mind the night before was exactly what I woke up with on the brain: the current era of politics in the U.S., and the World, and its consequences.

For the past few months, since the elections were getting underway, I started seeping into a cocoon, wanting to stay clear of the negativity that spewed from all sides. My brain was in constant conflict over every stance each party seemed to represent. Over time, I became numb to it all, making a conscious decision to not fall victim to the fear mongering.

Now, 12 days after the inauguration, the situation only seems to be getting worse. I can tell even while steering clear of all news and social media outlets. Marches, riots, protests, resistance, it all feels so confrontational to me. It leaves me with an emptiness in trying to decide what step to take in collaboration.

Just yesterday I came upon this inspiring post by Danielle LaPorte. Some words of permission, of sorts, for those of us called to be of service yet wanting to stay in peace. This phrase resonated with what I am feeling:

“Observe other people’s pain. Seek to understand it … let it go by the end of the day, if not sooner … return to your personal gratitude and power. Because you must be in touch with your own blessings in order to be of service.”
— Danielle LaPorte

So, I choose to stay in my space of peaceful contentment, because only then will I be able to be of service, providing a positive space of growth. A space that will eventually spread to the person next to me, and the one next to her, and the one next to him. Is it a naive mentality? Maybe to those who believe that change can only be accomplished with uproar, but it is the only step I can see to take without conflicting with my inner self.

Have you felt a desire to stand up yet are met with conflict in deciding the next best step to take? If so, what do you do in the present moment? Please, share with me in the comments below if you are called to do so. Thank you.

With much love and gratitude,

I’m Curious to Know—Katie Murphy

I’m Curious to Know—Katie Murphy

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