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Strong Women—Steadfast to Greatness

Strong Women—Steadfast to Greatness

Growing up I was surrounded by many women: my grandmother, my aunts, my sister, and, of course, my mother. As strong Mexican women, their ‘luchona’ (relentless) character inspired me to always follow my dreams to fruition. But, it hasn’t always been easy.

As a free-spirited person, I’ve had my bouts with feeling the contrast of pursuing one’s dreams or following a path of social imposition. There have been moments when, in living my life-style choice (no children of my own, not following a corporate career path, etc.), I’ve had to deal with the constant harassment of my lizard brain trying to make me conform, for my safety, to a traditional life path.

I’ll admit, there have been times when I want to give in, settle—find a job, buy a house, have a child—but my true self, my intuition, always comes to the rescue.

Inspired by these words from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons Podcast, I recognize the struggles my mother, as a single parent, went through to raise three kids on her own. It’s with the vision of her putting her life’s desires on the back burner that I remain steadfast in pursuit of MY ideal life—art, travel, creation … CURIOSITY!

“My mother worked too hard for me not to try to have a great life.”
— Elizabeth Gilbert

This will forever by a guiding light, a reminder to continue the path that feels right, because ‘… SHE worked too hard for me … to have a great life.’!

Although mothers should be celebrated every day, with Mother’s Day just around the corner, I take this moment to thank and send all my love to the women who have cared for me all my life. To the grandmothers, aunts, sister, and, of course, mother, who always allowed me the freedom to be curious, be creative, and to be me.

With much love and gratitude,

*Photo of my mother in her youth. Hand-colored from a black and white image. Love it!

The Freedom to Choose Your Work Day

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