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The Freedom to Choose Your Work Day

The Freedom to Choose Your Work Day

It was supposed to be a productive day working from one of my favorite coffee shops. Breakfast, tea, then straight to work. But the morning didn’t quite flow as I imagined. There was a strong feeling of lag and discontent inside me. I just needed to escape.

What am I complaining about, right? I’m working from where I chose too, something I’ve been desiring for many years and I finally have it. But you know, sometimes things don’t feel right.

That morning I had just listened to Jess Lively’s latest podcast on soul care, which inspired me to ponder the fact that as freelancers, we have the opportunity to choose when and where we work from. That if in that moment when we are ‘supposed’ to work things aren’t feeling right, to just change the plan, do something else—focus on SOUL CARE.

So, inspired by her advice, I closed my laptop, fetched my iPhone and bought a single ticket to a movie I’d been wanting to see and my husband would not accompany me to: Sing!

As I rode the bus that early morning, I was surrounded by other people who I imagined were on their way to work. I was grateful to be able to choose MY work day and time. That being a Wednesday—mid-week and counting the days to the weekend for many—I chose to make it my weekend and enjoy an activity that brings me joy.

It’s interesting to see how we have socially engrained each day to be used for certain tasks: Mon-Fri MUST work. Why not enjoy each day in the present, not necessarily designated for a particular duty? Maybe enjoy a weekend day during the work week, and work during a weekend day? Now we have the freedom to choose what moments—maybe a little each day—we dedicate to creation (work) and what moments we dedicate to pure pleasure and leisure.

Over the past months, I’ve dedicated more time to pleasure than to work and yet the work is so much better and completed in less time. I’m following what my true self guides me to do in that moment. I want to journal, so I write. I want to read, so I pick-up a book. I want to watch my favorite shows on TV, so I enjoy that, too.

When I satisfy my innate yearning for pleasure, my desires to work come along fully inspired.

What is a small way you can create a weekend moment during a work-week day? Please, share in the comments below.

With much love and gratitude,

Trust the Perfect Timing of Life

Trust the Perfect Timing of Life

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