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Trust the Perfect Timing of Life

Trust the Perfect Timing of Life

We were headed towards the highway driving on the over-pass. The rain poured, the road was wet, and all I could see was the river straight ahead. I knew we’d plunge into the roaring water as she harshly turned onto the onramp. “Sorry!” she said, remembering I didn’t know how to swim and realizing we would inevitably crash against the guard rail, plummeting straight into the turbulent river.

This was just a dream. Although it penetrated my subconscious in a way that I’ll always remember.

As I saw the metal rail getting closer, I panicked, imagining I would drown deep beneath the surface. Instead we drifted slowly, floating on the choppy water.

There were life rafts saving passengers from other cars that had crashed as we did. I desperately pleaded to my friend to drive to them so we, too, could be saved, yet she serenely told me “No, we’ll be ok. Be patient.”. We passed another raft and I begged again, but she just kept maneuvering the car as we flowed towards the highway.

I was scared, desperate, but before I knew it, we arrived on dry land, just feet from where we would have been had we turned safely on to the highway.

As I woke up from this dream, I realized in my real life I’d been yearning to be somewhere else. Doing different activities, living in a different city, knowing different people. I was inpatient, wanting to act without knowing in what way.

In the dream, had I stayed calm and in faith, I would’ve realized from the beginning that we were ok—we were drifting and not sinking. We were slowly getting to where we needed to be. Safely flowing and in perfect timing.

Flow as life guides me ... my desires will come to pass as they are meant to be in their perfect timing.

My takeaway from this night-story was to flow as life guides me. That my desires will come to pass as they are meant to be in their perfect timing. To find my serene and happy place, in the present, staying in faith that I will be where I need to be in every moment.

What is a moment you've had to be patient, enjoying and learning in the process? Please, share with me in the comments below.

With much love and gratitude,

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