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Release and Let Flow—Alignment Before Action

Release and Let Flow—Alignment Before Action

I’d given myself five weeks to work on this post, and yet, there I was, the Monday before the publish date, stressed and frustrated because I hadn’t yet begun it.

Here I am, the Monday before the extension I ‘gave’ myself to publish, with my eyes closed and just now writing it (Yes, typing with my eyes closed in hopes of making this easier to flow!).

Sometimes we force ourselves to stick to schedules we impose upon our lives. Wanting to DO without first letting ourselves BE. As a result, what is supposed to be created … Just. Does. Not. Flooooow. With my energy level at the lowest it has been in many months, I couldn’t force myself to write this post before today without being in a better place.

My morning began earlier than usual. Some months ago, I would wake up just as the sun was peeking up from the land. I’d have my morning ritual of tea, journaling, walking, meditating, and all would be well. Life continued to show me ways of growing, so I transitioned to other forms of spiritual peace and let those early mornings go. Recently, though, I’ve been yearning for the freedom, the lightness, the inspiration those early mornings gave me. So today, in hopes of returning to that state of flow, I made it my intention to wake up as early as I could, turn to what used to be my usual morning rituals, and go about my day in a more aligned manner.

Tea, quiet meditation, and journaling felt, ok. Some frustration arose because the sun was now out and my morning walk would not be the same as before, but I strapped on my sneakers, grabbed my headphones, and went for it anyway.

I listened to my usual motivational audios while I walked, one foot in front of the other, noticing each step getting lighter and with more bounce as I strolled through my favorite street. Having prayed for peace of mind, mental clarity, energy, lightness, after just letting myself be, I saw a colorful mural I may have passed time and time again, but just noticed today. A Beautiful Morning, it read, with what seemed like a bird crouched in fear painted beside it.

That was me. Now I realize that was me for the past few days, like the bird, yet I didn’t let myself feel the beautiful day in front of me as I sat in fear. In wanting to rush to do before feeling from a place of alignment, the inspiration to write was just not there. But it was all in me, in front of me—A Beautiful Morning—and all I had to do was release.

It’s taken a few tries to get myself completely in a state of alignment and allowing for this post to be written, but I sit here now, just hours before hitting the publish button, with the realization that it’s in the simplicity of just letting go.

Let’s not rush what we think needs to be. Let’s let whatever needs to be flow ...

Let’s not rush what we think needs to be. Let’s let whatever needs to be flow from an aligned state with the intention we desire. To live, play, sing, feel JOY is to release and allow, and in the end, always, ALL IS WELL.

With much love and gratitude,

Letting Go and Letting In

Letting Go and Letting In

Treasure—Allowing the Unexpected

Treasure—Allowing the Unexpected