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A New Year Feeling—Choosing My Word of the Year

A New Year Feeling—Choosing My Word of the Year

The New Year Celebration was spent under a starry sky with the ocean before us, just the two of us in our perfectly pitched tent. As we sat there enjoying the cool breeze of the Pacific Ocean, my husband asked what my New Year Resolutions were. To which I replied …

“I don’t have a list of things I’d like to accomplish. I have an overall desire to live my life a certain way, and my focus for this time of year is to choose a feeling that will guide me, not just this year, but from now moving forward.”

This feeling or word may change every year, or every season, or every month, depending on what I have learned or what I desire in that time of my life, but it’s always guided by the curiosity for what makes me happy—a cotton-like sensation.

In recent years during the transition into the New Year, rather than choosing a handful of resolutions, I’ve chosen a focus theme, a Word of the Year which helps guide my intentions for the moment. More than focusing on specific goals and milestones, I’m learning to be aware of my current state, my feelings, and returning to this word to stay on the path that feels good inside.

For 2018 my chosen theme is JOYFUL BLISS. Whatever the situation, whether there is a decision to be made or a task to be chosen, I’ll let myself be guided by whether the answer will lead to a feeling of joyful bliss.

Bliss in writing, in painting, in creating … in following that which makes me breathe deeply and smile with joy.

For this time in your life, what is your Word of the Moment? Please, share with me in the comments below.

With much love and gratitude,

A Declaration of Independence

A Declaration of Independence

Following Your Creative Path Will Lead to Happiness

Following Your Creative Path Will Lead to Happiness