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Feeling Joyful—2018 End of Year Recap

Feeling Joyful—2018 End of Year Recap

A week away from a new year and I’m sitting here wondering where this year went. 2018 I set the intention to be the year of Joyful Bliss,
and as I think back on everything lived, I am grateful for all the manifestations of that joy!!

2018 carried on with more expansion that rushed in from the previous year. I let myself be open to all my desires coming to pass, staying open to the signs of steps to take and setting intentions for more travel and exploration; something I’d yearned for many years but always let fear and present-day life block me from it.

I’m happy to report 2018 took me on 4 trips; a place I’ll forever love and return to time and time again (Oaxaca—twice!), a city I’d always wanted to meet and whose excitement left me wanting more (Mexico City), and another city that I’ve returned to every two years so went back to keep the tradition alive and enjoy a little more of its newness (San Francisco).

Projects got bigger, dreams got grander, and I saw the realization of a deep desire I had to connect with like-minded women who were living similar paths as me. I joined Dari Luna’s Creative Wings Mastermind and met the loveliest women who I’ve connected to deeply and begun to form life-long friendships with. Women who hold space for my dreams and desires the same way that I do for them. Women who listen and teach yet are open to learn and express their feelings as well.

2018 saw the clarity I’d always yearned for. Clarity of life, clarity of business, clarity of creativity, clarity of money, and this leaves me open and excited for all that’s to come in the new year and moving forward. The acceptance of who I truly am, to show up and share my story as a basis for what I create in the future. Something I’ve been discovering through this blog, yet was inspired, even-more-so, in part to these wonderful ladies.

Curiosity and creative exploration have continued to be present in my life (and I know will forever be). I started a new travel-themed Instagram account where I share my love of discovering new places, whether in my present home town or wherever I may be. A space for me to also expand my photography skills and keep the desire for adventure present as I connect with other travel-lovers from around the world.

Allowing myself to be seen as an artist is a major shift still in process of learning to live with, and painting purely for pleasure rather than to create a product to sell has been a great accomplishment as well. This month I ended the mastermind goal by painting my first meditation piece, something I’m looking forward to doing more of as a way to express what lives inside me.

Dreaming was a big part of this year. Setting purposeful time to dream of the life I desire, the woman I want to be, how I want to feel, what I want to accomplish, and how I may be of service to those I connect with. It was during these moments of dreaming that I learned to see things differently. I understood that what I’d desired of my life before, whether shopping at a given grocery store, or traveling with more frequency, or having a soul-based business of service, was actually do-able in my present life and not in the future when ‘x’ happened. It was in looking at each situation from a different perspective and taking the smallest step available to me in the present moment, that I allowed all of those desires to manifest in my life.

Now is the perfect time to take the first step
towards those desires ... to do something different
... moving forward on our dream life!

The biggest lesson I realized this year is that life is NOW. That all the planning and list-making of things to accomplish ‘someday’ is robbing us of our present life itself. Now is the perfect time to take the first step towards those life-long desires. It’s in the mustering-up the energy to do something different than was done before that we move forward on this journey, not towards, but on our dream life!

These past few months have certainly flown by like never before, but in looking back at 2018, I’m joyous for all I have lived, and excited for even grander things to come as I continue to dream and live my present moment.

Wishing you the happiest of Holiday Celebrations! May this last week of the year be filled with lots of reflection and appreciation for all that you’ve lived in 2018. Here’s to an awesome 2019!

With much love and gratitude,

Life is NOW—Intentional Living in the Present Moment

Life is NOW—Intentional Living in the Present Moment

Joyful Simple Pleasures of Life

Joyful Simple Pleasures of Life