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A Declaration of Independence

A Declaration of Independence

I was going through my end of year clean up, rummaging through mementos I’ve saved throughout my life, middle school, high school, college, and so forth. I came across this, a paper bag covered with images and words with what seems are values I treasured and wanted to guide my life with—in my tweens! To realize the connection to my current life just gave me chills.

When I created this collage? I have no idea. Based on the imagery it may be from the 90s, that putting me in middle/high school. But what I like seeing the most is the theme of it. A yearning for self-exploration, for spiritual living, always letting the spirit and my inner self Be as I truly am. It’s like the words and phrases I chose to cut out from magazines called to me then as a way to be reminders for me now.

‘Find Your Voice. Achieve peace. Nirvana. Go with it. Real Simple. BLISS.’

You see, I can remember these feelings of being different since I was a young girl. School? Um, NO thanks! I wanted to be in my room, in my own little world, dreaming and just looking for ways to be happy—MY definition of happy! So much so that I gave myself chicken pox to be able to stay home and do just that. But that’s a story for another time.

This bag means so much to me now. A declaration of FREEDOM, something I’ve chosen to live in recent years, my true self, my spiritual self, always guided by what feels good in my heart. Creating, learning, Being, not guided by the standards set by society, but by feelings set by my Self.

The words are messages my younger self somehow knew I’d need NOW, when I found this bag, and phrases that resonate so much with what I have been living these past months.

This little paper bag was my declaration for life when I was becoming the woman I am now and continue to become. Because we all change, not just in our teens, or young adulthood, or adulthood even, but always, always ever-changing.

“Every next level of your life
will demand a different version of you.”
— Lisa Messenger

This bag is the perfect introduction to a story I’ve been wanting to tell for the past year. A blog post I’ve been postponing for too long, and which was meant to be told now, I suppose, as I found this, which will be my reminder to keep on living for SPIRIT, for my truth, for my joyful bliss.

More on my story to come, which inevitably, I’ve been telling all along through this blog. This is only the beginning, because to realize as a child I felt these emotions, only assures me that there are other young girls out there now feeling the same. I hope to be a source of inspiration for them to be confident in the women they, too, desire to become, and can.

With much love and gratitude,

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