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Joyful Simple Pleasures of Life

Joyful Simple Pleasures of Life

No one is immune to feelings of woe. Those times when everything seems blah and all you want to do is stay in bed and sleep with your head under the covers. While it’s fine to give in to these feelings every once in a while, sometimes needed, I've learned to find the simplest pleasure I can focus on to spark some much-needed joy in the moment.

Over the years I've come up with quite a long list which, thanks to Eu of Proyecto Paris for sharing her list of joyful moments, I was inspired to dig out and share with you.

Top 10 Simple Pleasures That Bring Joy

1 - A Perfectly-ripe Avocado

Way before the avocado-toast craze, avocado has simply just put a smile on my face. You know that feeling of holding a perfectly-firm avocado in your hand, cutting all the way around it with a knife, and twisting it open to see that subtly-lime-green flesh with that slight shimmer of its natural oils? Ahhhh, happiness!

2 - A Mid-afternoon Nap

… OVER THE COVERS with a slight glimmer of sunlight streaming through the window. And I mention ‘over the covers’ because this is a debate I have with my husband. For me, napping under the covers is not ‘napping’, it’s simply going to bed. Now, just taking a respite from the day, taking your shoes off, and laying on the bed for a short while, THAT’s a nap!

3 - A Visit to Balboa Park

If you know me, no explanation needed! But otherwise, simply strolling along its main walkway, photographing all the small details and the palm trees I love so much, sitting under its colorful umbrellas to lunch, journal, or just watch the visitors pass by and enjoy the park like I do.

4 - Long-legged Mexican Fan Palm Trees

… and bonus points if it's over a blue-skied backdrop. I shared my experience strolling the above-mentioned park on a palm tree tour. YES, palm tree tour! A must if you’re in San Diego and really enjoy nature and art.

5 - Freshly-baked Bread

Enough said. Well, no, not really. Just writing this makes my body tingle … that’s how much I love bread. Seeing it, smelling it, tasting it … a piece of a good baked bread brings me the ultimate joy and makes me do the happy-food dance!

6 - White Fluffy Clouds After Rainy Days

Who doesn’t love a happy cotton-candy sky? While we don’t get many rainy days in San Diego, I really appreciate the puffy clouds that come out on those limited few. Just staring at them in awe as they stroll across the blue sky and watch them transform into fantastical creatures of the imagination.

7 - The Warm Sun Hitting My Feet on a Chilly Day

I do this often during the winter. Working from home is so much cozier when it’s cold out, all bundled up in sweaters and soft socks. But during my much needed ‘stand-up’ breaks, I take the socks off, stand at the edge of my sliding door leading to the balcony, and let the sun hit my feet to warm them up.

8 - Runny Egg Yolks Streaming Down Over Crusty Bread

A perfectly-cooked sunny-side-up over a slice of crusty French bread, a sprinkle of sea salt, and a dash of pepper … the perfect breakfast. And add some of that perfectly-ripe avocado? Bliss.

9 - Singing & Dancing with My Eyes Closed

I recently started doing this when one of my favorite songs came on Spotify and I noticed I started singing with my eyes closed. It was deep! =) … but it felt so good. Another great song came on and I just got this feeling to stand up and dance; twirl with my eyes closed as if no one was watching. And no one was, of course, because I work from home, alone, but I have to admit I still felt silly that first time.

10 - Staring Through My Bedroom Window

… at the building wall across the alley. I’ve been living going on 8 years in this same apartment, and at first, I would nag about not having a real view to gaze at through my south-facing windows. With my bed placed just perfectly off a large window, my view consists of a mustard yellow stuccoed-wall with three mission-style vents protruding out from it. I meditate from this side of my bed, and I’ve sat many times just staring at this wall, through many iterations of self, yearning for so much, and being so content at the same time. So now, yes, this mustard wall brings me joy because it allows me the freedom to dream and imagine as if it were a movie screen projecting my life’s desires.

This last one was deep, and I may develop it into its own post. But I’m curious to know, what's on your list of happy moments? Please share with me in the comments below.

With much love and gratitude,

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