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The Magic of Following the Signs

The Magic of Following the Signs

I’ve shared my LOVE for Oaxaca in past posts: it’s magic, the humble, good-natured vibe of the people, the colorful buildings, the music present in every street corner, and the over-all feeling of being home that the city radiates. I couldn’t have felt this any greater than during my second visit last Summer when a mysterious experience unfolded in the subtlest way.

It started during a spontaneous first trip during the Spring. As I was strolling along with my Oaxaca-family (the other lovely ladies from the tour I was on), we stumbled upon a radiant, sky-blue building with mission-style upper floor. Missing the arches where you would find bells, in their place, two long, narrow double-doors that I imagined opened up to let the cool breeze in on warm Oaxacan afternoons.

Mesmerized by its simple architecture, different from all the other brightly-colored buildings on the block—and in the city—I wanted to share this view, so I snapped a picture just how I’d been doing of all my other Oaxaca finds, but I didn’t quite capture a ‘good shot’, so I walked away.

Fast forward four months later, as I was planning my second trip to Oaxaca, now with my husband, and I was Google-ing our AirBnB, I stumble upon an image of the façade of a very old building which would be our Oaxaca-home for the week. I wasn’t very happy with the images, but I let it go. I figured these were old Google photos and the current state of the building would be much nicer.

As our travel date approached, I searched for our apartment on Google Maps a few more times, each time staring at the building a bit longer because something seemed too familiar. There were long-narrow double-doors on a mission-style upper floor reminding me of the picture I shot of the lovely building on my first trip. With pictures side-by-side, I compared them both and I realized it was the same place! To think that I’d been in front of this building just months before, without even imagining I would return so soon, made me smile.

Over-looking the dingy, brown paint job of the Google Maps image, the shape of the building, the neighboring businesses, it was all the same. I stared awe-struck at both images trying to make sense of how this connection could have flowed in this way.

When I was looking for a place to stay during this second visit to the city, I had no idea what area to search in nor did I have a particular apartment in mind. I simply searched for the least expensive ABnB with the nicest pictures and best reviews. The listing didn’t even have an image of the building exterior, so as I go over this scenario in my head, I get goosebumps imagining how it all came about.

Oaxaca, once again, demonstrating that to be there is to live a magical experience indeed. This leaves me open and ready to live so much more during my future trips there, all over the world, and in life itself.

What do you get of this entire situation? Am I seeing too much into it, or have you experienced similar manifestations? Please, share with me in the comments below.

With much love and gratitude,

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