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3 Tips to Reduce Frustration at Work

3 Tips to Reduce Frustration at Work

It was 3pm on a warm Monday afternoon. I was sitting at my work station drumming along on my day’s to-do’s. Glancing over at the clock every 10 minutes, feeling an hour had passed when the minute hand had only moved 3 minutes, and yearning for it to be 5pm on a Friday evening. The struggle of working a 9-5 was wearing on me, and while in retrospect I enjoyed what I did, I was reaching a burn-out point and all I wanted was out of there forever!

I’d been at this job for 2 years, working days on someone else’s dream, and getting home tired in the evening to keep working on my dream. But over time, the tiredness and emotional strain started wearing on me. I had to make a big change, and I knew my dream was not the one to lose out.

Months went by and the burden was getting heavier. I’d spend my free time depressed for the situation I was living. Dreaming of a time when my whole day could be spent putting all my effort into my business. I knew this wasn’t healthy, so I made the decision to quit my job, the one that was helping my husband and I keep a steady financial base. The one that was teaching me so much I could apply on my dream. The one that introduced me to women I now call friends.

My husband and I spoke about it and planned everything out. He was working a very good job that could sustain us both, while I would be able to focus 100% on my dream of building out my own business.

The plan was set. Early the next Monday morning, I messaged my boss to set an appointment to talk. Her reply was, ‘oh no, ok.’ She knew what was about to happen.

A few hours before I had the much-anticipated talk with my boss, I got a phone call from my husband. He had just been let go from the job we were depending on for me to continue this dream I had. A big dream that included him and that would, when all was set and done, provide for us perpetually allowing us to live the life of abundance we’d always dreamt of.

My heart sunk. Eyes started welling up with tears. My brain was swarming with thoughts I couldn’t control, thinking I’d be stuck in this job forever, never able to pursue my own dream. I told my husband that I couldn’t back down. I had to follow through with the plan we had, even if part of that plan was washed over like a bucket of water thrown over vibrantly-painted street art.

I followed through with the meeting, explaining to my boss how I had this big dream and I felt now was the perfect time to focus on it full-time. How my husband was 100% behind me, and he’d support us both while I worked on it. In my head I saw myself crouched in a corner with fear, tears streaming down my cheeks, knowing how part of that story had just been erased. But I knew I had to move forward, figuring everything out as we went along.

So, there we were, the winter Holiday Season and both of us unemployed. Because of the good paying job he had, we’d managed to save some money, and since he was let go, he received compensation, but still, the fear of not knowing where your next paycheck was going to come from was real. All I could do then was pray and push full force into building out that darn dream I left a secure job for.

The following months and years saw some advancement in the business, many emotional highs and lows, and, most importantly, a lot of personal and spiritual growth. I’d taken a big leap following a feeling I knew I couldn’t ignore, and while as I recount this 4+ years later, original business idea left in the past, I understand now that leaving that job was not the best step to take then.

I’ve come to understand that while pursuing and working for a big dream, we have to be grateful for the present situation we are in. The heaviness we feel in the moment is very real but taking impulsive action like I did may not always be the best solution. In retrospect, I see how having stayed in that job would have helped my husband and I through some very difficult financial moments. How I could have taken advantage of all the lessons still to be learned in that job that I could simultaneously apply to my business.

But well, hindsight is 20/20, as they say, and while I honestly wouldn’t change what I’ve lived these past 4 years, I’m appreciative of the lessons learned that I can now pass on to you.

If you’re in a situation where working for someone else’s dream is a heavy burden because you feel deep inside there is something bigger you need to be living for, DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB! Here are 3 tips you could take action on today to help ease the frustration.

3 Tips to Help Get Over Burnout While Building Your Dream

1 – Take A Vacation

Yes! Save some money, rack-up your vacation days, and plan a getaway that will give you some breathing space from that ‘dreaded’ 9-5.

That feeling of dread and wanting to take impulsive action in leaving a secure job comes from your over-thinking of ‘if only I could be somewhere else.’ This time away from the job will help you see things clearly, letting you make a plan of action for working on your own dream while still working for someone else. Plus, you’ll be inspired to put more energy into your dream on those long nights.

2 – Learn, Learn, Learn

Use all the free time you have from that 9-5 to read, take webinars, follow other business owners that inspire you, and learn every single thing you can to implement into your business … and yourself.

The largest portion of time I spend now is in doing just this. I’m constantly learning from the people I’m inspired to emulate because I see they’ve done something I want to do, too. Knowledge does not appear from a vacuum, and it’s so easily available, that you have everything you need in the palm of your hand—literally!

After all, is the person you are now the person who will build a successful business? Think on that and use the lessons you find in those books, webinars, and inspiring people to answer that question honestly for yourself. BIG HINT: the majority of the answers are already inside you.

3 – Be Grateful & Stay Present

The biggest lesson I can pass on to you is to be grateful for the job you have right this moment. Given that it’s a good working environment, the simple fact of not having to worry about how to earn a living while building your dream business is the biggest sigh of relief you can have during this time.

... be grateful for the job you have right this moment ...
not having to worry about how to earn a living
while building your dream business is the biggest sigh of relief you can have during this time.

After all, it’s not what surrounds you that’s making you dread going to work. It’s the thoughts you have inside constantly rushing you to have that business set-up so you can finally live a happy life. But that’s something you need to work on to be able to appreciate your own dream even more. Being mindful and in the present moment without constantly thinking of the future is the first step towards that.

Tell me, what’s one tip you can take action now to have a little release from that job and be inspired to keep working on your dreams? Please share with me in the comments below.

With much love and gratitude,

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