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How To Make That Dream Trip A Reality

How To Make That Dream Trip A Reality

It was 1am on a chilly March morning. I was sitting alone on the old, orange, plastic chairs at the Tijuana airport waiting for my red-eye flight to Oaxaca to board. As I realized where I was headed, I felt chills up and down my spine and my arms thinking that just four days before I had no idea I’d be stepping foot on this city so soon.

The magic started six months before (maybe 38 years before, when my desire to travel emerged). Having heard of this beautiful place many times from a friend who organizes tours, every time she shared the details of her upcoming trips, I would visualize myself there some day. I’d heard of the enchanting energy of the city many times, but I never listed it on my ‘must-travel-soon’ list any higher than the fancy European cities I’d dreamt about since I was a little girl. “I’ll get to it when I get to it,” I thought, unconsciously keeping the desire for visiting it very subtle.

Months passed and I went about my life, hearing about this trip to Oaxaca infrequently. Getting questions from family about whether I’d be going, and me replying with a simple, “… it’d be fun to go some day!” Spending time actually planning and being more excited for my own trip to Mexico City for the Fall.

Fast-forward to the last week of February, just a few short days before my friend left on her upcoming trip, and she mentioning she had a few empty spots on the tour. I’d never been the spontaneous type but feeling the excitement in her voice as she planned the final details, I took a short second to reply with a YES when she invited me to come along!

I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of having my own personal tour guide to explore a city I’d heard so much about. Remembering all the moments when she shared stories of the vibrant colors, and colonial buildings, and how magical everything felt there, I imagined my subconscious was absorbing every detail and moving every puzzle-piece in the process for me to join along on the adventure.

Arriving early on a Tuesday morning, feeling the warmth of the city as the sun rose while I de-boarded the plane, I made the conscious decision to let myself flow through this trip without expecting nothing but the best; fully enjoying every moment of it. And that was exactly the case.

Every single day of the tour I lived something magical and better than the day before. From the delicious food typical of this region of Mexico, the friendly service in each restaurant we visited, to simply walking the streets chatting with the vendors, and eating ice cream from the famous Manolo parlors as I sat in front of Santo Domingo church, what I learned from this trip is that when you don’t force things to happen—even when you don’t feel a strong desire for something to happen—things flow wondrously as you let each moment pass to the next.

The greatest memory I have, and that still gives me chills all over every time I remember it, is walking around the Zocalo on a beautiful warm Sunday afternoon. Having just visited church for Sunday mass then walking for another ice cream at the local café, I heard live music in the distance that called to me. I went in search of it.

As I came upon a vast laurel tree, I saw a large, full-member orchestra playing under its shade. As I got nearer, I could discern that they were playing a very familiar tune: a song I had been playing all along on this trip on my moments of rest. An important part of the soundtrack for the journey I was living. It was as if the universe was telling me, “all is perfectly well, and you are flowing in absolute harmony with all your desires.”

If there’s something this trip taught me about manifesting my desires in life, it’s to trust the timing of it all. To leave all desires as subtle wishes, dream of them with full excitement, and let them go for them to be lived in their perfect timing.

Sometimes your wants become a reality without you even remembering you had them, and it’s when you’re actually living them that you realize they were dreams at one point in time.

With much love and gratitude,

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