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Allowing Creativity into Your Life

Allowing Creativity into Your Life

A big, fat ‘F’! That was my grade in the first art class I ever took. I was devastated. Here I was, wanting to become the ‘interesting & mysterious’ artistic person in high school, and I failed. This darn left-dominating brain of mine! Its overanalyzing and meticulous sense wouldn’t let me enjoy the process of creation for years to come, always keeping me afraid of the outcome and what others would think of my art. I let this curiosity for creating art lay dormant too long.
Until now.

This past spring, I decided it was time to let creativity back into my life. As a stationery designer I thought the best way to start would be with learning calligraphy—my left brain would be proud of the business resources I could accumulate—so I enrolled in an online Modern Calligraphy course which I LOVED! This time around, the difference from that initial art class in high school was that I let myself just enjoy the process, not overthinking the outcome. Comparing what I create with other’s work—with my self-judging eye—of course it’s nowhere near perfect, but you know, it’s a lot better than what I would have created before learning.

Since taking this calligraphy and hand-lettering course I’ve found a new sense of freedom in just taking each day as an opportunity to learn something new, be it continuing with my photography interests or my new-found curiosity in painting with water-colors.

I’ve realized that in wanting to accomplish something that seems so far off and difficult, it helps to just start without placing too many restrictions on what it needs to be.

Creating and learning on the daily, as small a thing as it may be, will eventually mount-up to a larger pile of creations that WILL be that initial thing you envisioned.

As a way to keep my hand-lettering lessons from dissipating, I joined the 100 Day Challenge, creating a new print every day with an inspiring word or quote—combining my two new curiosities. With over 100+ pieces that were created, I was moved to make them available to you, as a way to spark that sense of curiosity and give you a dose of daily inspiration as they did me.

I look forward to having these in my new online shop, along with many other creative projects I create while pursuing my curiosity.

What is one NEW activity you can do today to get you a step closer in pursuit of your curiosity? Please share in the comments below. 

With much love and gratitude,

Follow Your Purposes

Follow Your Purposes

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