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Follow Your DREAM While Working 9-5

Follow Your DREAM While Working 9-5

Coffee shops, libraries, parks… all great places to sit for a few hours and work. That was my idea of the perfect job, rather than being stuck inside four walls, in a cubicle, with florescent lighting. I figured having my own business where I chose how and when to work was the answer, so, after many years of doing the 9-5, I finally took the leap and left the security of a steady paycheck and the attached certainty that everything would always be ok.

It’s already been more than a year, and, although it has been the best time of my life, it certainly has not been without hard times. Running your own business is not as elegant as it seems on social media. It’s not all shot-from-above-sketch-pad-and-coffee-mug-still-lives. It truly is a life-changing experience that is interconnected to your persona in the deepest way possible.

While reaching for that freedom may be the initial reason for leaving a comfy job, you come to realize that there’s more to life than achieving autonomy.

There are responsibilities that must be kept and bills to pay, and when the first of the month rolls around without money in the bank or a potential client on the horizon, you start to aspire for that financial security you once had.

What I’ve realized in this year of being on my own is that sometimes we have to complete a cycle and wring it for all it’s worth. That steady paycheck IS what is helping you keep a certain life-style you’ve grown so accustomed to. While there [9-5], you can take advantage of not stressing over the need for money, because in reality, having your liberty, that time to go to the coffee shop whenever you want, having say of when to work and when not to, or what to work on, is nice for a while, but after some time, all you want is that certainty again.

Take advantage of the stage you’re in for this season of your life. If it is not where you want to be, don’t jump off the cliff without planning first.

Really look at where you want to be, and in that instance start working towards it, but make sure you have the security that will alleviate the stress of financial uncertainty.

With much love and gratitude,

**Editor's Note 2/22/2016

I just read a blog post by Jonathan Fields where he speaks of this same exact concept with more clarity and in more eloquent words. Please do take a look and read for a better understanding of what I am trying to get across.

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