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Follow Your Purposes

Follow Your Purposes

What do you want to be when you grow up? The most popular question asked of all children in elementary school. I never really knew what to answer. I didn’t want to pursue any of the typical professions other kids would respond—doctor, fire fighter, astronaut, etc.—but from a young age I did know I wanted to follow my own path. To where? I didn’t quite understand then, but I knew I had to get working on figuring that out.

Through my teenage years I yearned to know what I would ‘be’ when I grew up. What would my PURPOSE be? What change could I make in the World? I lived with the struggle of not knowing—having too many passions and not being able to pick one, as the school counselor recommended.

So I followed a creative path. I became a graphic designer because that way I was sure I wouldn’t be stuck in a cubicle doing boring work. At least that way I could say I followed ‘my interest’. The purpose would come later, I thought.

Fast forward to my adult years and the worry of still not knowing what my purpose in life was set in as a heavy burden. Even after starting my own business as an invitation designer, I still yearned for something more. Until one day I heard a special talk by Jess Lively where she expressed the following:

“PURPOSE = Serving in the present moment”
— Jess Lively

In that instant I realized that whatever I had been doing all through my life was my purpose(s). Every single decision I took had a reason to be. What I am working on now, my stationery company, is my CURRENT purpose because it is providing my family and me a way of life.

That was a major mindset shift. From realizing that we should live our entire lives in search of our life's purpose, to accepting and appreciating our present moment/situation/career as our current purpose. With what we have in the now we can learn and give value to ourselves, our family, and others.

I now understand that life has SEASONS. It’s not just one single event from start to finish, but many little moments. It’s not necessarily leading to a particular outcome or time, but building up to a greater life.

How can you answer the following prompt? Fill in the ( ) sections and share in the comments below. I’d love to know what your current purpose in life is.

This (your particular situation) is my current season, and my purpose is to (what this situation gives you).

With much love and gratitude,

I’m Curious to Know—Gabriela Knutson

I’m Curious to Know—Gabriela Knutson

Allowing Creativity into Your Life

Allowing Creativity into Your Life