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Why It's Important To Live In The Moment

Why It's Important To Live In The Moment

I was sitting at my desk a few months ago, trying to get the days work off the to-do list, but I couldn’t seem to appease my mind from the saddening news I learned that day…of someone I didn't even know! I sat for a good two hours reading and looking through all that came to me via emails and social media regarding the death of someone I only just knew existed a couple hours prior. As I read many tributes in his honor, watched a video of his marriage to his beautiful wife, and read his blog posts, I cried for the loss of someone who was so inspirational and who only wanted to change the world for the better.

How could what I was feeling be possible? How could someone I only just knew-of a few hours before impact me in such a way? I realize now it’s because of the legacy Scott Dinsmore left behind: the Legends he wanted us all to create.

He wanted everyone to live their dream to the fullest so that with each person's enlivening spark we could combine to create a larger spark and thus a better humanity. In a world filled with such darkness, hate, struggle, wars, and the ridiculousness that is politics, this is the only way I understand change can be made.

Going through these emotions brought a great realization to me. Something we are constantly told and preached, but yet we don’t completely comprehend until a certain something happens. I guess for me, Scott’s story was THAT something which made me realize, YES, we truly have to live every instance for NOW because that now may be the last.

We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, nor the next few minutes, nor seconds of our lives. This is just how life is.

We spend our lives planning and planning and planning for the future. For the day when everything is perfect and we can start ‘living’. But we don’t recognize that life doesn’t start when what we think is the perfect life manifests itself.

Life is the mere instance when we take each and every breath. It’s with one breath after another that we create a moment, and from those moments, a life.

Here’s to us all appreciating every breath, creating those moments, and LIVING FOR NOW!

With much love and gratitude,

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