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Living an Inspired Life vs. Searching for Inspiration

Living an Inspired Life vs. Searching for Inspiration

As a creative, in any form of art field or industry, ever find yourself looking for inspiration through other people’s work—as if seeing what other people have created will spark a certain something that will open the flood gates to your creativity? That used to be me, too.

As a graphic designer creating logos or brochure layouts or invitations, I would scour the usual visual sites to see what others had created before me, to see what was out there and trending. Of course, in school you’re taught to think and develop a concept, but I don’t think you’re really taught to go inside of yourself and outside the typical spaces one would go to find inspiration. I now understand this is an important aspect of creating.

I recently watched Chase Jarvis’ chat with Swiss Miss and they brought up an interesting point, which I rephrased to this:

What if inspiration for anything in life, for creation or living, was not something you sought out but something you lived?

What if even with the toughest situations in life we still yearned to create because the inspiration to do so was all around us, in nature, in music, in food, in places, and not in a specific book, website, or already-created ‘insert-whatever-you-are-creating-here’?

This chat made me realize that to be inspired you have to be in love with what you do, loving life even through the worst circumstances (because from this comes the lessons to live even more fulfilled), and from there comes that yearning to act—from that inspired life comes the inspiration to create.

My favorite place to visit to let inspiration fill me is Balboa Park here in San Diego, CA. What is one place you can visit today to get clear-minded and let inspiration flow through you? Please share in the comments below.

With much love and gratitude,

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