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Meaning Over Money—Building A Business with Heart

Meaning Over Money—Building A Business with Heart

From childhood I always yearned of following a creative path. Art history was my initial calling because it would help me understand the WHY’s behind every painting and sculpture I had seen growing up—and also help discover answers to my own spiritual questions.
But my desire to create steered me toward the visual arts and thus my career in graphic design began.

When I made the decision to start my wedding invitation and stationery company, I took those first steps with as much enthusiasm as someone being able to follow their childhood dream. To be able to be but a small part of a couple’s most special day, in celebration of life and love, was my greatest passion—so I thought—but with the building up of a business also came several lessons that only opened my mind, and life, to so many more possibilities.

As I kept building out my invitation design company I started feeling an emptiness inside of whether what I was doing was actually filling my longing to answer those WHY questions. Would designing invitations for others really bring me closer to the meaning of life? (YES, those are the deep, crazy, thoughts that arise when I let my mind wander!) Was I following this ‘creative’ path purely for money, or was there really a connection to be made to a more profound meaning?

There came a point in the past couple of years when I didn’t want to continue designing stationery—I needed to fulfill something deeper in my being. That’s when I realized I could follow that pull for more meaning in my career, and that building a business for money is not separate from one’s personal life.

Injecting heart into everything one does is the start to a more significant existence.

So, as I let myself explore an even more creative path in the visual arts and crafts, and as I continue to create celebration invitations for life’s greatest milestones, I ask you this: Is what you are doing resonating with who you are?

Although not all careers or vocations have to be visual, artistic, creative in the popular definition, I hope they all do possess a deeper significance in YOUR life, whether for satisfying a desire or fulfilling a personal need.

With much love and gratitude,

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