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Saying Yes To Life Gives Great Surprises

Saying Yes To Life Gives Great Surprises

A Year of Growth, such a bold declaration. That’s how my 2015 started. Having left a full-time 9-5 job just a few months before the New Year to pursue my life-long dream of running my own business, I truly had to start the year off w/ the perfect intention to get things done. Little did I know, though, that the determination and joy I felt on that first of January would evolve into action and growth in so many ways.

I’ll start from the beginning.

Being an eighties baby, I grew up with a working, single mother who did THE BEST she could to support and maintain three children on her own. A latchkey kid, that was I, and I would not change that for the world. I imagine the early-childhood experiences, which led me to be a very independent kid, also contributed to the isolation I put myself into and thus transformed me into the anxious person I became.

I grew up a dreamer, and still am, always planning and visualizing how my life would be when ‘blank’ happened or if ‘blank’ was the case. Always thinking I was still young and had a long life ahead of me, I could start on my plans when I was older. All through-out high school and most of my college life I breathed to exist and led a life I seemed to have formed in my brain, but in reality it was as simple as could be because of a FEAR to show who I really was and what I could offer others. I understand now it was a fear of saying YES to exciting opportunities and intentionally meeting new people.

Fast-forward to my 35th birthday, I decided my life would change. The plans and dreams I had been putting off until I was older had to start realizing, because, hey, I WAS older! I couldn’t let life keep passing me by without taking any risks.

Come to 2015, the year of Growth, and everything truly changed. It’s as if with that simple declaration, years of anxiety cleared away and was filled with a great sense of possibility and optimism to accomplish ALL I could imagine. With that declaration came the reassurance that things would be ok if I felt the fear and understood it in order to live through it and take that first step in my life plans.

This past year of growth and saying YES more often took me to great heights, literally! Me, being the most anti-physical person, climbed one of the highest peaks in the San Diego area, not once, but THREE TIMES, and it really felt awesome. Pushing your body in such a physical way in order to reach the summit is really a metaphor for life’s hardest situations, so to have experienced those three hikes really set my mindset of ‘anything is possible with hard work’. It’s as if life put me in that place to say yes and learn this important lesson to help me throughout the rest of the year.

Saying YES to many opportunities in my daily life showed me that it truly is better out there when you push yourself through the fear and take the challenges head on. I met many wonderful people, opened my first online store to sell my invitations and stationery, strengthened a few relationships in my life, and just GREW, overall, in so many areas of my life and business.

Thinking about it now, it seems so obvious that great things happen when you put yourself out there, yet the road, or climb, is not an easy one.
But WOW is it worth it!

Here’s to continued and everlasting growth in our lives. May saying YES to one single new thing today bring that sense of greater possibilities to us all.

With much love and gratitude,

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