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Start Before You're Ready

Start Before You're Ready

There’s been many lessons learned in the past 16 months since I left my steady, full-time job and started on the road to building out my own business. One of the most important has been to START BEFORE YOU'RE READY!**

Too often we stall in moving forward on our goals because we want everything to be perfectly aligned as we envision it. We get boggled down by over-thinking ALL the details we must have in place before getting started, yet we don’t realize that any and every little step forward counts when we're working toward reaching our desires.

A clear example is this precise blog you’re reading. I’ve had the urge to start a personal blog of this type for many years, but for some reason or another I felt the timing was not right. I needed a domain name, I needed a place to host it, I needed to make lists upon lists of what to write about, what graphics to create, and what typeface to use. Things that if overthought, will stall the most important step to starting something, and that is to simply start.

I realized that a major part of my hesitation to start was the fear of being judged for not making it ‘good enough’. In a way it’s as if I wanted to become GREAT without even doing the work to be good in the first place. As John Lee Dumas says, “You have to be good, before you can be great!”

Start where you are with what you have, and have faith that everything will turn out as it should with putting in the work to grow and evolve. Be patient in fulfilling your dreams, but persistent in getting there.

Here’s to always starting before we even feel ready!

With much love and gratitude,

**Editor’s Note 3/17/2016

  • Start Before You're Ready - best insight learned from Marie Forleo
  • I just read this great Seth Godin post referencing the importance of 'shipping before you're ready'. Check it out!
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