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What Instagram Taught Me About Life

What Instagram Taught Me About Life

A few months ago I listened to Jon Acuff’s talk from the 2015 World Domination Summit. Amongst all the wisdom that spouted from his mouth, the point that really resonated with me was that about how we seem to be creating moments to document on social media rather than documenting moments we have already experienced. In many instances, it’s as if we’re staging life for others.

As I heard him talk I realized that, yes, I too was guilty of this. When ever I would be at a restaurant, a park, or doing any other activity, my brain would instantly scope out the best angle to shoot so I could share the moment on Instagram, rather than be IN THE MOMENT appreciating it.

For a while, I started leaving my phone behind as I went out for walks or to eat with my husband, because I truly wanted to be fully present and not tempted to be taking pictures to SHARE. But then, although I agreed with Jon’s finding, I also realized that, for me, sharing images on Instagram was more a way to document my own life; a personal journal of sorts.

Now, I find myself looking for the smallest situation, thing, or setting to photograph so I can one day look back through my feed, reminisce, and feel a twinkle of what I felt the day I took the photos and shared them.

While I am more conscious about being present in each situation, this micro-scoping, even on the most non-eventful days, has helped me to always search for the simplest moments that truly add an important touch of joy to my life.

As I continue to share my photos on Instagram, I make sure there’s more value in each message rather than a pure visual snippet of my life.

Here’s to being present and appreciating even the simplest moments in life—Instagram-worthy or not.

With much love and gratitude,

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Start Before You're Ready

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