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100 Day Challenge—Hand-lettering

100 Day Challenge—Hand-lettering

“When things are meant to be, EVERYTHING truly arranges itself for it to come to pass… put it out there, keep on working, smartly and in alignment, and let it be so.”

When I made that declaration, I was getting ready to attend the Modern Calligraphy Summit! Here is a short back-story on how my hand-lettering adventure began.

In trying to find the BEST calligrapher to work with for my invitation client's projects I came upon the beautiful world of hand-lettering!! There's an abundance of talented people who dedicate their lives to this and, WOW, you can definitely see how really putting in the time to achieve perfection pays off.


I'll admit, in frustration of not finding the exact look I was going for, in my area, and who would meet my deadline, I thought of doing it myself. Heh, how hard could it be, right?!


WRONG!! Believe me, I watched video after video for beginners, and, although I consider myself to have good penmanship, my hand-lettering attempts were faaaar off from the beauty the professionals create.


During that time of searching and frustration, I came upon the Modern Calligraphy Summit and the beginning of another round of the 100 Day Challenge. All this pretty-ness inspired me to put my new Moleskine to good use and give hand-lettering a try. I chose the theme of daily inspiring quotes and went at it with my newly acquired calligraphy and brush lettering knowledge.


Throughout the—over—100 days, I enjoyed the process of creating each hand-lettered art, but most of all I enjoyed the quotes that I used to inject a little inspiration into my daily ritual.


From day one to day 101, I could see the difference persistence and consistency made in my creations. While there were a few pieces I cringed at, others truly felt satisfying.

It was a feat, but more than hand-lettering, I learned that step-by-step you get closer to your goal.

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