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Cookie Fortunes—Life's Happy Oracles

Cookie Fortunes—Life's Happy Oracles

My favorite part of eating Chinese takeout? The fortune cookies. I've collected quite a few that have really resonated with my life situation in the instance I read it. So, I thought I'd share a few favorites from my collection, hand-lettered and water-colored, of course.

While most of these miniature messages have echoed true to me, I've also come across some that, either don't seem like 'fortunes'—'You are a pleasant person.'—or are like my recent one below!

Really?! I SHOULD be able to undertake anything … Thanks for cheering me on, cookie!! Maybe something like 'You ARE able to undertake & complete anything' would be better, yes?


Now THESE ARE fortunes that bring me joy!

As creatives/artists/designers/independent 'anything', we can admit that the certainty of where our next paycheck will come is always top of mind. It has been a process for me to let go of past mindsets about money, for sure, but little hints like this help keep me at peace.

Knowing that the important thing is to focus on the PURPOSE, CURIOSITY, PASSION—whatever brings us joy—everything else, including money, will come inevitably.

How's that for a fortune duo?!


The last pair of my #LizzyBCookieFortunes series. Probably the ones that resonate with me the most.

Over the recent years, I have let myself be open and guided by any and all signs that feel instinctively true.

From a young age I've always felt a connection, a knowing of more than what we can purely see with our eyes. When I came upon these fortunes—at different times—it was as if I was being told 'Yes, you've always known'.

“Enjoy the lighter things in life and deeper joys will follow.”
— Chinese Fortune Cookie

Looking forward to continuing my fortune cookie collection. Above, a recent one I received—in perfect timing, of course.

100 Day Challenge—Hand-lettering

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