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Balboa Park Palm Trees—A Place to Just Be

Balboa Park Palm Trees—A Place to Just Be

I’ve been on a journey to focus my attention on moments that bring me joy. The best way I know to get into a space of contentment is by visiting one of my favorite places: Balboa Park.

Balboa Park has a vast assortment of plants, trees, flowers and anything nature spread out in various gardens over its 1,200 acres. My husband and I recently spent a beautiful, blue-skied Saturday morning learning the difference between the over 50 varieties of palm trees at the park—my favorite tree.

My favorite palm overall? These: Mexican Fan Palms & California Palms.

I love their long, slender ‘legs’—as I call them—and they remind me of tropical destinations I’ll one day visit. Places that bring me peace and relaxation.

Here are a few more varieties that caught my eye because of their different fronds, shapes, colors, and textures.

The thick, silver trunk of this one complemented by its shimmery-green frond roots make it another of my favorites.


It’s interesting to think that the rough, textured rings around its trunk are actually scars left behind as the tree grew. I’ll stop here. I can really go deep into a life analogy on this one!


My ‘long legs’, the Mexican Fan Palms and California Palms, differentiated by the slight variance in the shape of their ‘head’. Both with feather fronds, the Mexican Palm has a more oval/wide shape, while the California Palm has a more elongated shape with a slight taper toward the bottom.

These majestic palms also caught my eye because of their light blue-hued, fan fronds.

And here is an assortment of four more varieties with a mixture of feather-frond and fan-fronds. Some not even noticeable as ‘palm trees’ being that they grow so low and close to the ground.


I definitely recommend taking Balboa Park’s Palm Tree tour on the second Saturday of the month. Visit the website for other interesting tours of the park and its architecture, gardens, and cultural centers.

Paris on the Brain—Watercolor Vistas of My Favorite City

Paris on the Brain—Watercolor Vistas of My Favorite City