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Mexican Talavera Tile Wedding Invitation

Mexican Talavera Tile Wedding Invitation

The invitation that started it all.

This anniversary invitation is special. Not just because it started me on a path to designing invitations for many lovely couples, but because it was designed for my in-law’s milestone celebration: their 50th Anniversary.

When we started the design process for this invitation, I knew I wanted to reflect the rustic décor of the venue—a 1950’s ballroom/casino where they celebrated their 25th anniversary—but also showcase the deco feel with a modern twist. In this case, with the sans serif type treatment and logo.

Of course, Mexican Talavera-inspired patterns would make an appearance. I took four basic tile designs found around the venue and altered them slightly with color and shapes to personalize.


The elongated, accordion-fold format of the invitation stemmed from my desire to create something different, not the typical 5”x7” flat card invitation. This gave us enough space to include all the pertinent information without over-crowding the design.

A square, gold, metallic envelope gave that extra touch of glamour, lined with a complimenting patterned liner, created by combining various tile shapes to design a new pattern.

The envelope was finished-off with a wrap-around address label, also adorned with a few of the floral elements used through-out the invitation.


This has to be my favorite invitation I have designed. I created many versions for over 50 couples, all with different patterns and color palettes, making them each unique.

Mexican Talavera-inspired Tile Patterns in Watercolor

Mexican Talavera-inspired Tile Patterns in Watercolor

100 Day Challenge—Hand-lettering

100 Day Challenge—Hand-lettering