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Creating Your Self Love Mantra—A Workshop

Creating Your Self Love Mantra—A Workshop

Remember a few weeks ago when I shared about the first ever workshop I guided? Well, this past Wednesday I had the greatest time guiding a second workshop with some very enthusiastic ladies—and gentleman—in creating their Self-Love Mantra Art.

In wanting to help others enjoy the same enthusiasm I have for lettering and painting, I’ve come up with various themes for each month for these Wine & Workshop Wednesdays held at Artelexia.

For February, of course LOVE had to be the theme, but I wanted this to be more meaningful than simply creating a love note or greeting. I felt focusing on ourselves would be more impactful and would let us go a bit deeper into self-care, which I believe is tied hand-in-hand with self-love.

During each workshop, besides chatting with friends you’ve invited along, or making new ones with those around you, I walk around and help you dig deep a little to discover your chosen word or mantra. With the aid of some worksheets I’ve created, and a process of answering three prompts, you end up with your mantra which you then go on to create art around—hence the lettering and painting.


Just check out these happy faces! One of my favorite parts of the night is taking everyone’s picture with Frida, with what they’ve decided is that one thing which will bring them joy.

And extra special thanks to the ladies who attended for the second time!! I’ll be sure to have more advanced lettering tutorials for you next month, chicas!! ;)

We’ve already scheduled monthly workshops through the Fall, with themes to be announced closer to each date. Visit the  upcoming events page for a list.

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