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Creating Your Word of the Year Art—A Workshop

Creating Your Word of the Year Art—A Workshop

It all started last Fall, on a day when the energy and inspiration was not as high as I like it to be. I mentioned this to a friend, and in trying to get me out of my funk she suggested I lead a few workshops in her shop.
Well, this is what happened last Wednesday!

I’ve shared about my new thing of choosing a Word of the Year here, and how I drew and lettered my words—in preparation for this workshop—here. So, I really don’t need to go into much detail about that.

I’ll keep this simple, because there really is not very much to say, but THANK YOU. Thank you to Elexia for helping open this big door for me, and to everyone that attended and had fun along with me!

Just check out a few of these images I managed to capture as I ran from table to table chatting and guiding all the ladies—and single dude who attended—in figuring out their word of the year, a few basic tips on lettering, and in creating their own art with it.


I hope these images tell more than what I can write. You really cannot imagine—and I can’t seem to find the words just yet—how much this means to me. I’m sure in due time I’ll be able to dig deeper and share my story from introvert hermit working from a corner desk in my home, to leading my first workshop on something I’m only just learning and enjoying the process of.

Stay tuned for more workshops to come!

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