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The Magical Oaxaca—A City That Enchants & Transforms You

The Magical Oaxaca—A City That Enchants & Transforms You

I’d be lying if I told you I’ve dreamt of visiting Oaxaca my entire life. I didn’t. It’s not like when I dreamt of travelling to Paris since I was a little girl, cutting out all the magazine clippings I could get my hands on. But when I started working with Elexia of Artelexia, through her love of this magical Mexican city, I became veeery curious.

She would tell me of her first time there, how the city literally changed her life filling her with the purest energy and inspiration to start Artelexia. She’d tell me about the delicious food, the vibrant colors, the architecture, and the people—most of all she’d tell me about the energetic vibe of the people. From her first stories, I knew I needed to visit Oaxaca someday.

I knew of a trip she was planning for some time, months before the idea of me travelling there ever crossed my mind. Every so often I’d ask her how the trip was coming along, how many guests were joining her, what she was planning to do, and each time I’d get a little more excited for visiting. Someday.

The months passed, and with each a new story of Oaxaca—the enthusiasm grew and grew.

I was excitedly planning my own trip to Mexico City, while just a few days—2 to be exact! —before Elexia’s expected departure she told me yet another story. It was then that I could not restrain myself any longer and booked the last space in her tour.

It’s been four months since I visited this beautiful city and was completely enchanted by her. I let myself be mesmerized by the people, the food, the energy that still remains pure and of the people, sharing their lives and earth with us, making it all that more magical.

Oaxaca has carved herself a large space in my heart. It is a city unlike any other I’ve visited, incomparable—it just is.

I have a love affair with a magical being. Even my husband says I am changed—there is me before and after Oaxaca, and I can completely understand why. She does that to you. She lets you into her womb and re-births you an evolved being.

These few images I’m sharing don’t do this wonderful city justice. It’s a place to roam, to live, to just be. To let oneself get enthralled by the energy of the people, the colors and textures of the architecture, the taste of the food, and become one with it all.

I hope you enjoy these few images I managed to take while I was completely in awe, literally with tears in my eyes and a knot in my throat, as I felt every present moment.

I will see you soon, my beloved Oaxaca, for your magic is hypnotic and I must return to you … someday.

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